Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#105- What can an auditor do?

Below is the query raised by one of our blog's readers:

" Somehow I came across ur blog online. I'm curious to know the difference between a auditor n accountant. I'm stuck in a situation where my company's accounts was done using MYOB Software to keep records, then when the YAs ended, we will send to our accounts auditor to do for us. but the problem nw is, when our accounts does not tally, they did not help to check for us n throw back to us to do all checking. I mean, we are not certified accountants( we onli used the MYOB software) to keep our accounts records. Now our accounts is stuck. Does it means tat auditor do not do accounting jobs? "

Our view are as belows:

Strictly speaking, auditor is not allowed to investigate the discrepancies for the book-keeper. Auditor is bound by the principle of independence, which means that auditor is allowed to reviewed and checked the account and provide opinion on the true and fairness of the account they are auditing. Auditor is strictly prohibited from investigating the difference and helping you to tally.

In short, to answer your question, auditor is not allowed to perform accounting jobs.

However, if the difference is not material, you may highlight to auditor that the amount is immaterial and they may consider to discharge.