Sunday, January 6, 2013

Provision for restoration cost/ provision for reinstatement cost

When an audit client signed an rental / lease agreement to lease a space (i.e. office / warehouse), please make sure that we, as an auditor, we review the agreement thoroughly.

Generally, audit client has to reinstate/ restore the lease space to its original state. To illustrate, audit client may have renovated the building for its own purpose. The owner would request the audit client to reinstate the lease space to its original state when the lease expire and the audit client decided not to renew the lease agreement.

A provision for instatement cost / restoration cost need to be recorded, as it is an existing obligation of the audit client. This amount relates to the cost to be incurred to reinstate the lease space back to its original state. This amount can be estimated by obtaining quotation from the renovator / building contractor.

The accounting entries are:
Dr. Fixed asset- reinstatement cost
Cr. Accrual

The amount capitalised above relates to the full cost to be incurred when the lease expire ( note: assume the inflationary adjustment to be not material. On an annual basis, the following entry need to be recorded:

Dr. Reinstatement cost- P&L
Cr. Accum Dep- Fixed asset- reinstatement cost
This amonut is computed based on the amount capitalised divided by remaining lease period.

The depreciation entry is to record the cost capitalised into P&L on a straight line basis.

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