Wednesday, September 24, 2008

#49- Impairment on Property

We received the following query from our reader:

".. other than an independent valuation, what other alternative method can we use to test for impairment on property.."

Before we proceed to answer the following question, let's assume that the property above relates to building, land or any other commercial related building employed by the Company in the course of doing ordinary busines..

To answer your question, if the property is involved in the ordinary course of business ( e.g. shophouse where a business do its trading), then the alternative method includes:
1) Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
2) Profitability forecast for the next 5 years
3) Obtained market price of the similar property in the area nearby

To elaborate on point 1 and 2 above, if the business is able to generate sufficient cash flow and be in profit position. The auditor can conclude that there is no indcation of impairment on the property. As the asset employed is sufficient to sustain the business operations of the Company, and hence no impairment.

Besides that, the auditor could obtained the last transation price of the similar property in nearby area to compare the market price to book value of the property, in order to assess the existence of indication of impairment.

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