Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Working hours of Big 4 Auditors in ASEAN Countries

This post intends to give everyone a general idea of the working hours of Big 4 auditors in ASEAN.

Based on our talks and discussion with auditors in ASEAN.

During peak season, generally it falls on January- February of every year in ASEAN countries, auditors would stay up till at least 10.00p.m. till beyond midnight to complete the engagement. They are quite a number of Big 4 auditors have the experience of working overnight in office during peak season.

During off-peak season, auditors may leave the office earlier, generally at approximately 8.00pm till 10.00p.m.

However, the hours mentioned above is based on the average hours of the Big 4 auditors we have surveyed. We, genuinely believe that the working hours largely depends on the engagement been allocated.

If you have any ideas / comments on the working hours or you would like to share with us of your working hours as an auditor, kindly leave a comment and / or drop us an email at


Anonymous said...

i'm working in a small audit firm. my daily working hour is from 830am to 10+pm from Jan to Dec. Well, sometime work overnight on Friday.
Work on every Saturday from 1pm to 10pm..
can someone advice me is it a normal working hour for a small audit firm?

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