Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Implication of Bangkok's floods to Company's financials

Earlier on, Thailand Finance Minister commented that the devastating floods in Bangkok could lower Thailand's Gross Domestic Products. The floods have caused damage to equipment in the flooded industril plant.

Your audit client may have a plants / factories located in the areas affected by the massive flood. In this instance, a proper check need to be performed to assess if the audit client's plants / factories are affected.

Assuming that the plants / factories are affected by the flood, the following procedures need to be performed, including (but not limited to):

- are the machineries and equipments been damaged in the flood. Should impairment been recorded given that the machineries and equipments are damaged?
- are there any going concern issue, given that the operations are likely to be stop?
- is your audit client able to produce financials on time for reporting?
- is there any penalty on contracts with customer if audit client is not able to deliver agreed items on time?
- is your audit client able to collect outstanding debts from customers who maybe affected as well?

A thorough understanding of the floods, and how will that affect the operations are required to determine the nature and extent of audit procedures to tackle the impact of floods.

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