Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Olympus scandal: hid investment losses in the past 20 years

Japanese company, Olympus Corp has finally admitted that they used inflated acquisition costs ( specifically: advisory fees) to hide investment losses incurred in the past 20 years.

Earlier on, the market was vigorously discussing on the scandalous US$687 million payment for financial advice and expensive acquisition of companies unrelated to its mainstream businesses.

Olympus issued a statement saying that an independent panel investigating the allegations had found that the acquisitions were used to cover up losses on investments dating to the 1990s. During that time in Japan known as the "Lost Decade," many Japanese companies took to making speculative investments in securities to offset sluggish sales following the bursting of Japan's economic bubble.

Olympus Corp's president, Takayama also confessed that the corporation needed higher level of corporate governance to ensure that similar things will not happen in the future.

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