Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Internship in Big 4, mid-tier audit firm or other acocunting firms

We received an email from an anxious intern - who has been accpeted to do her internship in one of the Big 4 accounting firms in Australia. As I understand that it is competitive to secure an internship in Big 4, the reader drop us an email to find out what to prepare and what is expected from an intern.

Extract of his or her email :

" For example, would I need to know audit assertions, control procedures, pivot tables & VLookup, or should I just refresh my accounting 101, know my debits & credits and be nice to people and ask for work?"

Being in one of the Big 4 before, I reverted to her to give him or her my personal opinion:

To me, the attitude and basic accounting knowledge plays a significant part in assessing an intern performance. I would expect the intern to demonstrate positive attitude and fundamental accounting knowledge (i.e. debit and credit of the accounting entries). That's it. I do not expect intern to know any other fancy accounting stuff.

Also, I mentioned to him or her that: she should not be afraid to ask, she should not be afraid to participate, she should not be afraid to do simple work. He or she just has to relax herself and enjoy her time during the entire internship.


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