Thursday, April 9, 2015

Audit manager - managing uncertainty - attitude of stay cool

This post is not about how to prevent uncertainty or surprises in audit, as the trick boils down to proper planning and timely communication with the stakeholder. The post will be focusing more on - when surprises happen , what should an audit manager do / react/ behave?

Based on our experience: stay cool and calm - no matter how serious the matters are , stay cool and calm - audit manager is the leader of the audit team and the audit manager would have direct contact with the audit team -  being emotionally stable and react calmly would ensure that the emotions of the audit team would not be affected so severely.

Imagine yourselves , if you behaved negatively - what would be the impact on the audit team / audit client / audit partner? Would they be more tensed in the surprised situation?

Emotionally stable and capability of taking everything at a stride is a must-have attitude of an audit manager, who should continue to drive the audit through any big waves.

Audit manager, no matter how life is tough, please put on a smile.:)

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