Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A mandatory skill required for an audit manager

What are the key skills that are mandatory for manager in this rapidly changing world ? What makes one a good / outstanding audit manager? What are the key skill required?

Technical skill
Administrative skill
Communication skill
Managing skill
etc etc

If you only have a choice of one, what would you want to have as an audit manager?

If you ask founder, the answer would be articulation skill. The economy is changing rapidly, and the accounting standard is changing from year to year to keep up with the change of economy or financial statement user's expectation.

The accounting standard is become more and more complex. The audience of your financial statement user might not have accounting knowledge. A good audit manager should possess the skill of articulating accounting concept / framework to layman on the street.

Without a good articulation skill, nobody is able to understand the essence of the accounting standard / principle - and hence, the financial statement users would not be able to appreciate the value of the accounting. One would appreciate a piece of work he/ she understand where the value lies.

If you are an audit senior / audit assistant - please try to put in thought on how to explain profound accounting concept in a layman term. It's not easy, but worth to invest the time.

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