Friday, March 20, 2015

Why would audit manager has exposure on different industries

It's common to hear from accounting world that audit manager has a relative wide exposure on different industries. How is that so?

As what we understand, an audit manager are given a portfolio of audit clients for him / her to serve throughout the year. Depending on the audit requirements and different audit timeline, the audit manager may serve different audit client and different period of time. To illustrate, for instance: an audit manager maybe handling the audit issue of clients who are having December year-end in January to March period. For listed companies with quarterly announcement requirement, audit manager may have to review their audit client's announcement on a quarterly basis.

Due to different service requirement, an audit manager may handle quite a number of client's audit matters within a day. This has put pressure on audit manager to have multi-tasking skill and always on top of the audit matters to ensure that the audit is progressing on track or to avoid any last many surprises.

The intensity of the daily activities and the opportunities to be exposed to different clients ( who are likely in different industries) have pushed the audit manager to be trained in different aspects, including: accounting knowledge, industry knowledge, capability to handle multi-task and mentality to handle pressure.

There's in fact a joke to say that the auditor aged faster ?

Of course, the headcount turnover in audit is relatively high compared to other industries. One may leave to pursue a different lifestyle or another priority of life.

What about you  - are you still in auditing line?

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