Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Audit manager - not to demotivate a diligent staff

What would you, as a manager do when you encoutered a staff who possess good attitude, have an eyes into details, diligent, have been working late - but this staff over audited one area.

How would you handle this closed matter or convey the message to him/her - i.e. this area has been over audited and in fact you dont have to spend so much hours.

Would you tell the staff directly straight into his/her face? Would you find another chance to talk to him/her to educate that some of the procedues can be passes on to client?

Objectively, the message should be conveyed immediately and clearly. However, one should take note of the likely impact of this message. Would your message demotivate your staff? Would your message discourage the staff?

Managing a staff and motivating staff are a long term matter - depending on the character of your staff- manager always try to balance out to strike for the best outcome. Perhaps, the message should be conveyed at the end of the audit engagement for the staff to take note next year. Would it be too late to do so?

Managing people is tough huh? But, not uninteresting .

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